Welcome to iTALENTS!

iTALENTS aims to enhance the Italian creativity through a selection of brands and creatives that realize high-quality Made in Italy products and represent a cultural heritage reflecting contemporary reality: Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry, Beauty, Design and Furnishing Accessories. In this showcase you will discover an authentic and original “piece of Made in Italy” and, through Mariella Milani’s interviews, you will have the opportunity to learn about the protagonists, their history, their background and their creative career.

Professionalism and Technology: what is iTALENTS?

iTALENTS project started thanks to Mariella Milani, costume critic and renowned fashion journalism expert, who has been the face and the voice of TG2 for over 30 years.

Professional journalist since 1976. For over 33 years she worked at RAI as a presenter, specialist reporter, editor-in-chief, author of reportage, columns and programs. Since 1994 she has been the face and voice of TG2. As a fashion critic, she has documented the fashion system from an economic, sociological and cultural viewpoint.

After a career spent giving visibility to great names and luxury brands, through iTALENTS she launches a new challenge to enhance the Italian excellences all over the world.



Professionalism, passion, vision and planning skills, creativity and technology: to guarantee the success of iTALENTS Mariella Milani has looked for and created a team of qualified and competent professionals in any field: web manager, social media manager, videomaker and photographers, experts in communication, style and marketing able to face an international and globalized reality.