Anna Gobbi


Anna Gobbi


The firm arises in 1969 from the great passion for knitwear of the promoter.

This passion has been inherited by the daughter who got into the firm at the end of the 1990s, and experimented new mix of yarns and manufacturing techniques, joining this way, past and future. “The use of only fine yarns and dressmaking refinements, as well as the care for details have ever since characterized our work, based on few articles, produced in limited quantity to seal the uniqueness of a single piece, true expression of high quality italian handicraft.

The jacquard, ever since “fil rouge” of our collections, any time exhalts the preciousness of the artiche with new original patterns, result of an evocative and dreamy vision of the fabric, with Nature, Art and Design as a source of inspiration. We tell a story of tradition and experience as well as a continuous research and stilistic innovation.

It is a story which starts from the past, looks forward to the future and has still much to say.”



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Anna Gobbi
Via Raffaello Giovagnoli 18 - 00152 Roma - RM