Antonio Franco


Antonio Franco


Between Siddharta and Jackie O.

 Educated as a young man in the most important studios in Milan, a lover of travelling all over the world, his tailoring shop in Lecce has testified his innate talent in created clothes gifted whit a recognizable style. His capabilities make him one of the most particular stylists, whit a great ethno-chic taste; Antonio Franco is able to range from clothing to the creation of objects, so proving to be a real artist.  

And what but a great art in tailoring may allow the creation of beautifully tailored garments that wink their eye at the 40s 50s 60s while assuming a current dimension thanks to flounces, balloon skirts and gathers that stress the waist… 

Scissors and precious silk, gauze, chiffon and taftà and that unmistakable scent of the East, a true love to which the shop is a witness, allow you to find strictly vintage accessories too.


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Antonio Franco
Via Francesco Rubichi 13 - 73100 Lecce - LE