Es' Givien


Es' Givien


The pressure of the essence

Es like the Es of Freud. GI of Gaia. VI of Vivilla, EN of Nives.

A brand, a philosophy of life, a project born by the idea of three sisters of Verona: Gaia, Nives and Vivilla Zimpini. With different competencies, from marketing to psychology, from design to public relations, a shared background – the artisanal skills and the entrepreneurial spirit inherited by the family – and valuable collaborations with small local artisanal realities, the three girls conquered very soon an enviable space in the complicated fashion system with their brand.
Quality and artisanship. One collection entirely Handmade in Italy, now certified as a
100% Italian product.
Innovation + passion: maximum search for fabrics and yarns, high quality in packaging, steady attention to details, with a great enthusiasm and will they are creating an image of excellent quality that characterises the brand. From knitted fabric to knitwear, from clothing to accessories of leather. New techniques of weaving, experiments of new fabrics, cuts and creations. Gauzes of silk, flax, cachemire and wools. Makò and micromodal cottons with technical fabrics, thickened and structured. Leather, nappa, paint.
Permanent component: an elegant basic taste for a product that whispers elegance and refinement. An easy product to wear with luxurious details.

Es’givien, the Line of Words. Because inside any dress there is a thought dedicated to whom wears it. Hidden, but easy to find. Any season new messages, exclusive thoughts related to the theme of the collection. Messages printed inside the dresses. Concealed like our ES, our identity.

Targets for the future: more social commitment, projects able to look far, “beyond ourselves”. Because everybody can cultivate his/her ES, from Europe to Africa, from America to India. If with the messages inside the dresses Es'givien let people who wear them reflect, now the 3 young owners of the brand, called by the press “the line of positive thought”, want to give something also to whom will probably not buy their dresses, but can receive an aid from the sale of the dresses. An aid to whom is less lucky. A
gift with the heart. Another thought, easy but valuable. Since some seasons, the three sisters chose to donate part of their fabrics to a Community that helps African children. A new project that has already created other initiatives/partnerships with other entities with similar Missions in order to develop
projects to help “beyond ourselves”. An ethical goal that will show a different face of fashion: an apparently futile world that, making serious efforts, can do a lot to support those most in need.

During the last years Es'givien worked concretely together with the Italian Government and social partners supporting projects combating the violence against women (F4W e Castitatis Cingulum) and projects against discriminations (Paralympic games 2016, National Conference on Disability Politics, Trisome Games 2016)

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Es' Givien
Via Prelle 3/5 - 37125 Verona - VR