Tiziano Guardini


Tiziano Guardini


Topical, eco-sustainability and originality

We can briefly describe the soul of Tiziano Guardini – a young talented stylist who loves fashion in combination with nature – as it is written above, two contexts apparently unethical, but in perfect balance in his creation. Tiziano Guardini has been mentioned many times in fashion magazines and newspapers such as NYTimes, Vogue, Interview and Il Corriere della Sera. The latter defined him as "Designer of Nature".

Tiziano was born in the 80 years in Rome. Since he was a child he has always been attracted by the fashion world. Therefore, when he was young, he decided to study at the Koefia Academy in Rome. After becoming a “Fashion Designer” and having obtained a Master in Product Management, he started to have several collaborations with different roman Ateliers for Pap and Accessories. Among his most important exhibitions: In 2012, he participated at the edition "Limited / Unlimited" presenting a coat made by pine needles. In the same year, he was the special guest at the "VogueFashionNightOut" in Rome and he participated at the very famous Catwalk in Piazza di Spagna. Thereafter, he was invited to show his design at M.A.T. during the exhibition: "La seduzione dell'artigianato". Then, Tiziano Guardini projected an entire collection of bags and he was invited as special guest to the WHITE expo in Milan.

Afterwards, he participated at many fashion and art events across Italy and in October 2013 he was invited to show his creations at the Royal Albert Hall in London. In March 2014, he was invited to expose his creations at the "Fashion for Forest / Forest for Fashion" at the United Nations in Geneva. The same year, he exposed at "L'eleganza del cibo - food about fashion" exhibition at Mercato di Traiano in Rome. In July 2015, he exposed a sculptural dress on leaves and branches of olive tree at Expo 2015 in Milan. In 2016 during the MFW2016, Tiziano Guardini participated at the "Ethical Fashion Show" in Milan. The same year in March, he continued to show his soul across the world and he won the "Bronze Hempel Fashion Award” in Beijing. The same year, three his sculptural dresses were exposed at "L'eleganza del cibo" exhibition at Chelsea Market in New York. In July he had a retrospective at the "Iqos Embassy” in Rome and he started a partnership with Oscar Mrs Milena Canonero in order to create the "Cum Grande Humilate" show.

Tiziano draws a woman and a man in perfect harmony with Mother Earth; the Earth that generated them. A woman enriched with wonderful fabrics and accessories coming from Earth and kept in their originality, cleverly adapted to enhance the beauty and harmony of a woman. A natural woman and a natural man in an urban background, keeping honest and disenchanted eyes. This is what we need today. Our existence is related to the recovery of our relation with Nature (the Life) that has been mistreated during the centuries, but we should never forget … nature helped the human evolution. We have to look things from a different point of view – and Tiziano Guardini is for sure a precursor and absolutely contemporary.

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Tiziano Guardini
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