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Come nelle Favole - Like in the Fairytales

There are worlds where only children can enter with their enchanted gaze and this is the story that Estella and Antonella Patelli wanted to tell, with a clothing line for children called "Come nelle favole".

The goal is to dress, to entertain and to make people dream by expressing a playful but also educational concept in a mix of sartorial tradition and poetry.

Once upon a time there was the beauty of the cross-stitch, which is renewed due to the modernity of the cut and the shape becoming a contemporary style.

The focus of this fashion is the practicality, the simplicity and essentiality of black and white.

Each child is unique and special and "Come nelle favole" focuses on the imagination and on a line of limited-edition clothing. Small capsules for mother-child, "stella stellina" 100% designed and handcrafted Made in Italy with materials and designs customized and handcrafted. Silks, coated linens, drawn or embroidered cottons, technical and sports fabrics for a timeless style as in all fairytales. Part of the income from sales supports the social-welfare project of


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