A style icon.

There are no other words but rigour to define Anna Dello Russo. I met her over twenty years ago and since then I have been watching her working as a stylist, behind the scenes, in a tireless and creative way.
At some point in her career, she decided to reinvent herself and become a style icon. She has succeeded thanks to her willpower, her love for fashion, her greed for owning entire lines of dresses and accessories and for making an impression to millions of young people who adore the madness of her looks and her disguises.
Anna Dello Russo is like a child eager to have constantly new toys that she can use and throw away without bothering about anything else. She is ahead of time is fashion, she invents trends, as she invented herself, her face and her body. She can be a diva of white phones, a pin up, a model, a swimmer, a runner or one who does yoga, hours and hours a day, in order to keep herself fit and continue to show her naked legs or run through the streets of Manhattan carrying a balloon with her image above.
Anna is one, no one and one hundred thousand ... and this ability is the secret of her success.