A ''Fashion Director''

Simone Guidarelli is a unique character for his amazing, amusing, hyperbolic and extremely original vision. He is more than a stylist and more than an art director: he is a fashion director.
When I first saw him collaborating with iTALENTS, I was impressed by the speed with which he approaches a stand or a table full of objects, grabbing a suit, an accessory, a necklace that he will place in an absolutely original way, not on the neck but maybe on a model’s head because he has already imagined the storytelling he wants to create.
His looks always have an unusual, unexpected and amusing spark that reflects his vision of fashion and life.
What is surprising about his way of working in an extremely tight-knit team is the taste of movement to represent a world in progress and a message to never stop and to always go further.
In his DNA there is passion for color and the desire to get a smile, an invitation to look at the world with affection, to lend a hand towards those who are asking it and to try to represent the reality as a technicolor film.
To understand the personality of this eclectic artist who moves like a feather despite his bulk, you have to have a look at his daily posts on Instagram, always followed by a #buonagiornata. Whether he was successful as a celebrity stylist or as a stylist who works with famous magazines such as Glamor and Vanity Fair or collaborates with the fashion gurus, it is an irrelevant detail: it could not have been in a different way!

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