8 - italents

Mariella Milani

Fashion and style of life represent the air of time. They are tradition and technology, past and future, intuition and experimentation, rigour and extravagance. And the appeal of creativity is actually generated by these contradictions. I do not remember since how many years I love and describe fashion and design. I have been everywhere there was an important event related to these fundamental sectors of the economy.

I met and interviewed the great designers of this creative world such as Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Gianfranco Ferrè, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Alberta Ferretti, Antonio Marras, Kean e Veronica Etro, Giulio Cappellini, Paolo e Gianni Bulgari, Zaha Hadid, Patricia Urquiola, Ingo Maurer, Victoire De Castellane, Philippe Starck.

Italian and not Italian names who built enormous empires well known in the whole world also thanks to the work of many craftsmen who contributed, behind the scenes, to create their success. For sure, fashion and design let dream millions of people regardless of social classes, race or age. A huge audience where great style and fashion victim, able to dilapidate a fortune just to have the cool item of the day, coexist. We had many years of great splendour that I lived and described as Rai journalist and fashion critic.

It was the beginning of the globalization and placement of brands in the finance world: in my personal opinion, it was a negative process because it disadvantaged creativity in order to follow the harsh rules of marketing. Numbers have become more important than quality, beauty and craftsmanship and this process pushed many customers away tired of overly expensive and homologated products.

Even though many brands are not Italian anymore, Italy is the place where all the most powerful multinational companies of luxury, from France to Arab countries, continue to produce and invest bearing in mind that referring to know how we are unbeatable.

It is truth that there are still many creatives unknown to the general international public and we want to give them visibility supporting them and describing their qualities. That is why I decided to look for these realities that represent the real petroleum of our beautiful country.

After many years of underestimation, craftsmanship has become the new ace in the hole of the Italian style and I decided to focus on this bet. It is a hidden Italy that we have selected for you in this portal of the most authentic Made in Italy.

In the products proposed by iTALENTS there is my professional story and expertise and I am sure that, wandering our world of excellences, you will find everything you have always desired: an emotion, an original item, an uncommon accessory, a wedding dress that will let you dream or an evening dress filled with magic.

Life is made of everyday life and dreams. The intention of iTALENTS is to be a small treasure chest. If you open it you will definitely find a piece of Made in Italy.

 - Mariella Milani