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Bad taste and new aesthetic

The new signature style of contemporaneity is the Apocalypse of good taste ... and not only for fashion.

Signals of antifashion can be found in any shop window and they have already captured many young people mostly seduced by the prophets of this new esthetic cult between horrible multilayer and hyper-decorated crocs launched by Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga, with an extreme return of the logo,  and hat and bonnet of sadomasochistic inspiration of Alessandro Michele for Gucci. Among the symbols of this new liberty, there is even who claims to show not shaved legs in order to promote a new Adidas design or who thinks that the new aesthetics has to go through these horrors.

A matter of marketing or decadence of morality.

In the last movie of Sorrentino it is told about a corrupt society without values, but thousands of faithful go to Saint Peter square in order to listen to the words of the Jesuit Pope who preach solidarity and the pursuit of right values.

Moreover, the desire of authenticity is strong even in fashion where the refusal of homologation is opposed to the desire of beauty and handmade and to come back to craftsmanship as a pillar of an ethical and transparent economy.


Mariella Milani

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