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Communication nowadays

Become a trend topic, in other words the most discussed topic on the web, is definitely the dream of any – it does not matter if well-known or pretty unknown – brand.

In order to achieve this goal any kind of online or offline means is good. Indeed, why should we listen to those hoaxes and fake news that clog the Babel ether among the practice of “ignofashion” – as defined by one of ours followers Maurizio Stancanelli, it is a horde of bloggers suggesting an etiquette of style without style – ?.

The truth is that nowadays, to get attention, we cannot ignore the new tools provided by technology such as storytelling, hashtag, meme, stories, etc.

As recognised by Dolce and Gabbana, great ambassadors of Made in Italy represented everywhere, not only innovation but also direct connection with customers among cultural, landscape and ironic references. A melting pot of glamour and kitsch able to capture the imagination of anyone and to use testimonials of any sex, age, weight and profession, from the most famous bloggers to influencers, from Italian cinema’s idols like Sophia Loren to the inhabitants of the Neapolitan “Quartieri Spagnoli”.

On first side, it looks to be a democratic style, but it is also a massive marketing operation. A textbook case!


Mariella Milani

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