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Orsola Mainardis: precious Venice

The crystals and glasses of Murano are the favorite materials of Orsola Mainardis, who created an international jewelry brand to which she gave her name.

Born in Venice and passionate of art, design and photography, Orsola began to design jewelry 10 years ago using the most original and valued materials always manufactured with new techniques of craftsmanship. Her collections, which represent an unusual mix of history and experimentation, are out of the ordinary and, above all, are unique pieces for those who wants to express their personality as if they had been into a Venetian painting.

Orsola Mainardis is luxury but also independence and comfort. Her bijoux and accessories can be above and below the lines. And in her atelier, in the center of Venice, every woman can find the right piece for every occasion: not just an accessory that will complete her look but a jewel that will make her unique and precious.


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