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Palascia: the guiding light of eyewear

Valerio Furone and Margherita Plenilunio are the soul of Palascia. They founded the company in 2004 and they expanded it in few years with 11 sales points of F&Pocchiali.

The success of the brand, which has created two lines of eyewear called "Puglya" and "Palascia" rigorously Made in Italy, comes from the use of top quality Galileo lenses and from the ability to create new trendy shapes for every collection.

Renewing with style, guaranteeing the consumers a good value for money that is truly surprising and affordable, it is the magic formula of this multi-brand also able to ensure the delivery of graduated glasses with special filters in a record time!

The variety of colors, the materials and the models in a mix of pop, luxury, minimalism, hyperbole and fantasy are extraordinary and make every woman feel as a diva like the delightful Holly Golightly of "Breakfast at Tiffany". When the glasses make the style!


Mariella Milani


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