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#PittiUmo: the Chic Utility is born

Once the idea of fast fashion has been overcome, the current fashion focuses on the concept of conscious purchase in other words the proposal of a high quality product on which it is worthy investing money because it is useful and it will last over time.

In compliance with the new way of Made in Italy, each garment must fulfill a function and there is no doubt that nobody can beat the expertise and creativity of the Italian companies.

In order to conquer new international markets, it is necessary to work on research applied to the sartorial tradition, on a new concept of luxury, intended for those consumers interested in niche products, and on increasingly innovative and cutting-edge techniques. Data is clear and confirms this trend: in 2021, men will spend more than women thanks to a new generation of very competent young people looking for really exclusive products.

According to analysts, the growth of consumption in men’s fashion is a monumental event and it stems from the need for a contemporary handicraft, able to produce a lesser-known but more appealing luxury. Therefore, we just have to get busy and wish “full steam ahead” to Made in Italy!


Mariella Milani


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