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#PittiUomo: between transformism and tradition

Multifunctional and transformer. Sartorial tradition and technological research. These are the key words of men’s fashion that presented, at Pitti Uomo, the most interesting and creative proposals for the following autumn / winter season. At time of transformism, the debut of Parcoats, the brand resulting from a crasis between parka and coat, is the most original example.

The collection produced by Giovanni Allegri, of the homonymous family of entrepreneurs with a long tradition in rainwear, was designed by Simone Guidarelli and Masha Brigatti, two eclectic and imaginative stylists who enjoyed making a parka that is both a coat and a dinner jacket. Because nowadays, the reinterpretation of historical garments re-proposed in a new way will make the difference.

The main idea stems from contamination or, for instance, from the creation of parkas with typical details of the blazer or trenches. A melting pot of 24 pieces inspired by the 70s tailoring based on recovery. Which means, for instance, to mix the casentino and the bouclé with nylon cloth or high tech gabardine.

They drew inspiration from the concept of tapestry with the contrast of the fabric and from the creation of strictly artisan prints. Even the drawings are hand painted in a historic silk factory in Como in order to obtain an artistic and light years away from the prevailing homologation effect.


Mariella Milani


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