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“Puglia Flies”


There is not only a touristic Puglia that continue to record an increase of presences of foreigners in the region attracted by good food and historical and cultural destination, but there is something else. There are more than 13.000 craft enterprises on the ground and there are many labs working for big brands.

Creatives not well known from the great audience, of course, who are able to create embroideries and manufactures of ancient taste and great charm.

We saw some of these realities on the catwalk of the Lecce Fashion Week, an event organized byElisabetta Bedori at Campi Salentinaand come to the nineteenth edition.

In the scouting work that we are doing in the whole Italy, iTALENTS has found a reality extremely amazing and we will tell you about it through the stories of many creatives who we saw in action and we met. 


Mariella Milani


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