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Royal Ascot 2018

Royal Ascot is one of the most awaited events not only by the horse racing funs, but also by thousands of curious who come from any part of the world in order to participate to an historical nowadays demonstration. And I can affirm that the reality beats the imagination.


The famous English horses’ track in the small town of Berkishire becomes for three days a special scenery where, besides the most famous horse racing in the world, Sirs, crowned heads and the most important people of the English nobility take part in the event walking in the garden with glasses full of champagne. Sirs show up in tight, waistcoat and top hat while ladies wear hats of any dimension and shape. A parade that will leave you gobsmacked not only for eccentricity and extravagance, but also for a clear attachment to traditions that gives you the dimension of the magnitude and the culture of these people. And despite in my life I have seen many fashion shows in any part of the world, what happens in Ascot – where people drink and eat seating in the grass with the famous pic-nic baskets of Fortnum & Mason – is an experience to live at least once in the life!


Needless to say, the most awaited star was Meghan Markle who had a hat inspired, even though in a small dimension, to the one wore by Audrey Hepburn in “My fair lady”. The Queen Elisabeth wore in canary-yellow with a hat decorated by turquoise flowers and she led the royal family’s carriages parade. On the other hand, the princesses had simpler looks focused on the straw!


In my personal opinion, the only blemish was the presence of too many high hills, inappropriate to walk on the tidy English gardens.


Regarding the fantasy of the lady, they deserved an A plus.


Mariella Milani


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