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Trend hats 2018

when the accessory becomes a masterpiece.


Eccentric, extravagant, colored, and made by any material and in any shape, the hats come back as the unquestionable must of the season spring/summer 2018.


To dare and play have never been so funny, it is more than just an accessory because it represents a way to be, a form of expression of the self.


The woman who wears it is self-confident, proud of her choices and she is not afraid of being judged by anybody. Oscar Wilde refered “or you are a masterpiece or you wear it”. And some of these headgears are real masterpieces of contemporary art. One of the most famous celebration of the hat can be found every year at the “Royal Ascott” event, where the British aristocratic ladies wear the most extravagant hats of the moment.

However, if we talk about the originality of the hats, we have to name some designers of the moment who, thanks to their creations, cannot be unappreciated. There are many new proposals that can satisfy even the most picky requests. Passion and professionality merge in order to create unique items. 


In the heart of Milan there is the millinery shop of Gallia and Peter Cappelli, founded in 1930. A story that contains passion and creativity. Any their creation is made with unique materials and with handcrafted images and dyes. Any single piece is a real masterpiece, tailor made for the client. This Atelier is more than just a simple shop, it is a real experience of fashion in the world where you can find a unique atmosphere. It is impossible to not be charmed by these hats that can bring us back to another time, but keeping their modernity.


Francesco Ballestrazzi Hats&Creations was founded in order to create exclusive headgears that are more than just a simple hat. The spherical shape of the head is looked like a blank canvas where he creates his masterpieces. The designer creates any item personally. What is the secret of his success? The perfect fusion between the use of ancient techniques and procedures personally invented by him. He created many proposals and anyone of them is inspired to specific categories. Among the must, there is definitely the “Princess of Roses” collection that will let you be floral princesses. Among the colour must, we can find red and pink in any of their nuances. Application of flowers, leaves, ribbons and crowns represent only a small part of this magic world. And if the word “dare” is part of your vocabulary you will be charmed by the masterpieces of Gianmarco Bersani. Feathers, application of pearls, laces and glitters are something that cannot be renounced by the designer who inspires his collection on iconic headgears of the past. The designer Larissa Bondarenko instead will accompany you in the magic world of Laribonda. A brand that combine the craftsmanship Made in Italy with the use and valorization of industrial wastes. All her creations are born by “the imperfection” of the material. The maxi colored headbands are wonderful and they can get your attention through their unique lines.


And if you love headbands, there is another designer who will surprise you thanks to her masterpieces, Maddalena Vidale. Colourful, enriched with fantasies and images, and…have you ever worn butterflies? Thanks to her it will be possible.


Finally, another Made in Italy designer, known in the whole world, is  Federica Moretti, who, through a selection almost maniacal of materials and shapes, creates hats extremely glamour. The use of traditional techniques gives a new interpretation of the classics retabled in a different contemporary vision that want to satisfy the demands of the clients who pay attention to details. Any item becomes a real object of desire. Different types of shaving that recall the vintage taste. Also here, the use of ribbons and pearls is a recurrent themes. 


And if we talk about eccentric headgears, we must to think about the mad hatter, the character created by the writer Lewis Carrol in the famous novel “Alice’s adventures in Wonderland”. This place is a place unique in the world, a land full of wonders, mysteries and danger. Rumors say that to survive here you have to be mad like the mad hatter. And luckily… I am mad. You must not understand the eccentric hats’ world niche, but you must live it. Because to wear a masterpiece is not something for everybody!


Arianna Ventura


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