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Women with skirts

Ladies, let's take off our trousers and slip into a skirt, better if it is over the knee or even at ankle length, pleated, flounced or with plissé, and possibly printed in the traditional black and white or with soft colors.

They are worn with heavy stockings, with ankle boots or sandals ... What really counts are the proportions.

On the other hand, what is more feminine than a skirt after living in trousers at all hours of the day, if you have a few extra pounds we can find these skirts in elastic fabrics and wear them with a maxi pull.

The fashion of next winter has its clear ideas: either very short or very long because the middle ways are not trendy.

There are models in leather and PVC, of knit and latex, tulle, for romantic dinner and disco night, and in tartan following the English tradition. The tartan print can also be optical.

And the proposals for great occasions are not lacking from lace to sequins, to embroidery, to feathers that decorate the models of Anton Giulio Grande ... you are spoilt for choice!

And if you want the special and handcrafted piece, among our creatives, there are also skirts that are long and hand painted like those of Annarita Polito or knitted like the ones proposed by Anna Gobbi.


Mariella Milani


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